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24 photos
From slides taken around summer, 1967 at Pacific Raceways.

Pictures in my hobby albums are usually not for sale. If you want any of these pictures send me a message and I will give you the password to download. Use the Contact link to send me a message.

I have supplied these pictures to various car sites, and individuals with connections to the cars and racing events.

I only post selected pictures in each gallery. Contact me if you have questions on these posted here, or to see if I have other pictures available.
pr_0001pr_0002pr_0003pr_0004pr_0005pr_0006# 78, Jerry Grant, Lola T70pr_0008pr_0011pr_0012pr_0013#97, Charley Hayes, McKeepr_0015#6, Mark Donohue, Lola T70# 17, Lew Florence, Genie.#22, Fred Baker, Porsche 901/906pr_0024, #77, Jim Adams, McLaren M1, Cheveroletpr_0025unknown_0026# 17, Merle Brennan, Genie