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Created 18-Mar-13
Modified 2-Sep-18
39 photos
Schaefer Family Pictures.

These are scanned from prints, some over 50 years old. They are starting to deteriorate due to age and incorrect storage. Dates listed are approximate only based on when the picture was processed.

I only post selected pictures here. The original files can be downloaded from here, or I can make a CD containing all pictures, just let me know.

To download a file, select the picture by clicking on its thumbnail. Right-click on the picture, select "Download", then select "Original" or "All available originals".

Word of caution, selecting "All available originals" can result in a REALLY BIG zip file. This is why I offer to make a CD of all files.

Use the Contact link to send me a message.
1922 Bertha Henry Edward1923 Ted and Ed under NP1924 Hilda Emma Fido1924 Edward hunting groundhogs1924 Edward Teddy loafing1924 Henry Teddy 11924 Bertha 31924 Bertha 41924 Bertha Edward1925 Bertha 11925 henery ed1926 Hubbards cook shack1926 Bertha Velma Schierman1926 Bertha 21927 Hilda Emma 11927 Bertha tackey day1927 Bertha Bernadine Pyburn 11927 Bertha Bernadine Pyburn 21927 sisters 11928 Martha