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Created 7-Jun-09
Modified 15-Oct-11
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Pictures from my back yard.

Pictures in my hobby albums are usually not for sale. Contact me if you have interest in any of these.

I only post selected pictures in each gallery. Contact me if you have questions on these posted here, or to see if I have other pictures available.

Use the Contact link to send me a message.
GoldfinchGoldfinchGoldfinchBlack-Headed GrosbeakBlack-Headed GrosbeakBlack-Headed GrosbeakPine SiskinDark-eyed (Oregon) JuncoDark-eyed (Oregon) JuncoDark-eyed (Oregon) JuncoDark-eyed (Oregon) JuncoHouse FinchMourning DoveBrewers BlackbirdRed-winged BlackbirdSteller's JaySteller's JayFox SparrowSpotted TowheeAnna's hummingbird